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At Strabane Academy we emphasise individual fulfilment and the pursuit of excellence. The school demands high standards of work and conduct and whilst the focus is on academic excellence we are proud of our caring reputation and ethos and we focus on the needs of the individual pupil, trying to get the most out of every child.

The quality of the teaching and learning lies at the heart of every successful school and within Strabane Academy we have a team of highly motivated, carin

g and professional staff, both teaching and non-teaching, dedicated to making education enjoyable and to ensuring that the pupils are respected and valued within a safe and caring learning environment.

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Exam stress- A parental guide.
16th May 2018
Exam stress- A parental guide.
Public examinations are bound to be a stressful time both for parents and teenagers and some degree of anxiety is…
12th Apr 2018
Strabane Academy win Best Organisation and Management Award
Another year another award. Best Organisation and Management Award at the YENI Graduation.
12th Apr 2018
Year 9 Technology pupils programming workshop
Strabane Academy welcomed Joanne from Sentinus in this morning. Pupils from Mr Bratton’s year 9 Technology class received a workshop…
12th Apr 2018
STEM summer school
STEM summer school The dates are 13-17th August. £95 per child. 9:30am - 4:15pm. For more information see Mr Haughey.…

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28th May 2018Staff Development Day (holiday for pupils)
29th May 2018Junior Summer examinations
14th June 2018Year 8 Induction evening (for parents and pupils)
18 - 22nd June 2018Year 13 Work Experience
19th June 2018Year 6 Day 1 (feeder primary schools)
19th June 2018Year 11 Induction Senior Campus
21st June 2018Year 6 Day 2 (feeder primary schools)
22nd June 2018Sports Day Provisionally

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