Year 8 Parent & Pupil afternoon, Thursday 23rd November, 4:00pm.
Last updated: Sunday 19th November 2017

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Putting Pupils First: Shaping Our Future.

Year 8 Parent & Pupil afternoon, Thursday 23rd November, 4:00pm.

Last updated: Sunday 19th November 2017

At Strabane Academy we emphasise individual fulfilment and the pursuit of excellence. The school demands high standards of work and conduct and whilst the focus is on academic excellence we are proud of our caring reputation and ethos and we focus on the needs of the individual pupil, trying to get the most out of every child.

The quality of the teaching and learning lies at the heart of every successful school and within Strabane Academy we have a team of highly motivated, carin

g and professional staff, both teaching and non-teaching, dedicated to making education enjoyable and to ensuring that the pupils are respected and valued within a safe and caring learning environment.

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Ulster University Insight Event : Men in Nursing
23rd Nov 2017
Ulster University Insight Event : Men in Nursing
Men in Nursing Insight Event 4 December Ulster University are having an Insight Event: Men in Nursing on Monday 4 December from 2:00pm-4:00pm.…
10th Nov 2017
School of Pharmacy @ Queen’s University Belfast- Parents Information Evening
Queen’s School of Pharmacy invites students and parents/guardians to an event that we are holding specifically for students who are…
2018 BT Apprenticeship Campaign
10th Nov 2017
2018 BT Apprenticeship Campaign
BT have launched the 2018 Apprentice Opportunities Campaign.  They are currently offering 4 levels of apprenticeships (Intermediate, Advanced, Higher &…
8th Nov 2017
Strabane Academy raise £25,000 pink pounds for Cancer Focus NI
  Congratulations to Strabane Academy which has raised a staggering£25,000 over the last 14 years to help local people affected…

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24th November 2017Staff Development Day (holiday for pupils)
25th November 2017Second AQE Test
28th November 2017Year 13 Geography Fieldtrip Magilligan
29th November 2017Digital Masterclass Senior Campus
2nd December 2017Third AQE Test
4th December 2017Mock Exams for Year 11 Maths, English and English Literature and Year 12 Maths & English Repeats
6th December 2017Year 14 Interview Skills Sentinus (pm)
7th December 2017Year 13 Parent & Pupil Afternoon 7:00pm

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