Examination Results

2016 was again a good year for examination results and this is reflected in both the number of pupils who have returned to continue to study within our sixth form and in the number who have gone on to study at Further and Higher Education, this list is at the back of your programme and it reflects not only the individual success of these pupils in accessing their chosen courses but also the rich diversity of careers which young people who attend our school go on to follow. This is due in the large part to the tireless work of the careers department and the student mentors who work so hard on the students’ behalf.


At A level; our students achieved a 100% pass rate with 60% of the students achieving 3 or more A*-C grades.  It is notable that 31% achieved in the A*-B grade range.


Our top achieving girl was Courtney Gallagher with A*AAB and top achieving boy was Adam Chambers with 2A*s and 1A


Other high achievers at A2 level included; Leanne McKelvey A*AA, Ronan McCrea A*AA, Matthew Reid A*AA, John Robinson AAAB, Abbey Milne AAA, Zara Gomari A*AB, Jake Kelly A*AB, Chloe Gilfillan AAB, Lauren Laird AAB, Krista Lee AAB, Robert Magee AAB, Jenna Mealiff AAB, Molly Devenney AAB.


A2 is a much higher academic level than AS and it is a credit to the students and the staff that the Year 14 have again made their parents and the school very proud.   Students who studied BTEC National Awards also performed exceptionally well in areas such as Engineering, Hospitality, Computer Games and Child Care with the majority gaining the equivalent to an A* grade.


These results do not happen by accident and are often the accumulation of seven years’ work between the students, their teachers and their parents throughout the years and there is much work which has gone on unseen through support classes and mentoring to ensure that the students are in the right place to be able to give of their best.    Many of you here tonight will have your own stories which ultimately reflect the passion and concern of our staff for the achievement of your sons and daughters.  It is very reassuring and rewarding for the future of Strabane Academy that 28 out of 28 subjects taken at A2 level had a 99.9% pass rate. 


At GCSE level;

Within our Selective stream: 92% of all pupils achieved 5 or more A*-C grades and 89% achieved 7 or more A*-C grades.

Our top achieving girl was Rachel Mayne with 7A’s and  3B’s and the top achieving boy was Michael Doherty with 6A*s and 3As.

When we look the results for the whole year group, which includes a very wide range of ability,  69% of the year achieved 5 or more GCSE grades at A*-C in line with  all-ability schools in Northern Ireland.

Others who achieved 7 or more A*/A grades were: Peter Reid 6A* 3 A’s and 1B, Rory Loughrey 4A* 6A’s, Sean-Paul Wray 1A* 6A’s 2B’s and 1C and Lois Finlay 1A*6A’s 2B’s

The effect of this is that the majority of our Year 12’s have been able to return into our Sixth Form which has continued to flourish and will continue to be a real strength within our school.

Regardless of the statistics and the league tables, which continue to ignore that fact that we are a unique grammar school that has pupils with a wide range of ability.  They do not measure value added or reflect the vast amount of support which is provided by staff; however the most important outcome is that all the pupils who did their best, whatever the result, deserve our praise and we will continue to focus on every pupil as an individual.

Each of the last three years, we have shown that the pupils who are within our Selective Stream are achieving as well and in many cases better than comparable Grammar Schools and the majority of pupils within our Non-Selective stream are also achieving as well and in many cases better than in similar all ability schools.