Senior Leadership Team

Mr D Hampton


Mrs C Sayers & Mrs C Moore

Vice Principal (Curriculum) & Vice Principal (Pastoral)

Mrs R Dunn

Senior Teacher

 Pupil Welfare & Support

History/Prince’s Trust

Mr S Haughey

Senior Teacher

Performance & Standards


Mr S Sargent

Senior Teacher

Teaching & Learning and Staff Development

P.E/LLW/Prince’s Trust

Mrs K Aiken

Senior Teacher

 Curriculum Development


Mr R White


Head of Physics/Exams Officer/Data Manager



Teaching Staff


Name Subject/s taught Responsibility
Mrs E Boyle Home Economics/HSC/RE
Miss L Boyle Maths Head of Maths/ KS5 Head of Year
Miss S Boyle Maths
Mr A Bratton Technology/Eng/Games Head of Year 8
Mr R Breen Business Studies/ICT C2K Co-ordinator/MIS Co-ordinator/ Head of Business Studies
Dr R Bresland English Literacy Co-ordinator / School Publications
Mrs J Caldwell French Head of Modern Languages// KS3 Head of Year
Mrs S Campbell-Hanna English Head of English
Mrs O Crosbie PE/RE
Ms N Doherty Science/Biology SENCO
Mrs J Donnell Maths
Mrs J Duggan English
Dr S Dunn Chemistry/Science Head of Chemistry/Head of Science
Mrs S Gallagher Geography/LLW/Prince’s Trust/ Careers Head of LLW /Timetabler (Joint)/KS5 Head of Year
Miss J Griffin Art/Technology
Mr G Hetherington ICT/Business Studies KS4 Head of Year /Communications
Mrs L Hyndman History Head of History
Mrs L J Kerr Art/RE Head of Art
Miss K Magee Business Studies/Prince’s Trust
Mrs M McColgan ICT / Careers Head of ICT/Timetabler (Joint)/Head of Careers
Mr N McDonnell PE/LLW Head of PE/Extra-Curricular Activities Co-ordinator
Mrs R McGuffin Music Maternity cover for C Ryan
Mrs P McKenna Home Economics/HSC/ Hospitality Head of H.E and HSC/Assistant SENCO
Mrs J Millar Geography/History/French
Miss L Patterson Health & Social Care Maternity cover for E Boyle
Mrs H Phillips RE Head of RE/ KS4 Head of Year
Mr S Pollock Science KS3 Head of Year
Mr D Johnston Technology Covering for M Moore
Mrs C Ryan Music/French Head of Music
Mrs A L Scott Science/Chemistry
Mr N Troughton Maths
Miss J Walker English
Mrs I Winkelmann-Byrne German
Ms A Zander German

Non-Teaching Staff


Mr D Anderson Technician
Mrs B Doherty Classroom Assistant
Miss S Flanagan Classroom Assistant
Mrs K Gallagher Senior Clerical Officer
Mrs C Harpur Classroom Assistant
Mrs H Jack Classroom Assistant
Mr C Kemps Classroom Assistant
Mrs T Laird Classroom Assistant
Mr D Lucas Building Supervisor
Ms M McCullagh Clerical Officer
Miss W McLaughlin Classroom Assistant
Ms A O’Neill Classroom Assistant
Mr D Reid Technician
Mrs A Rogers Senior Clerical Officer
Mrs K Sharma Study Supervisor
Miss H Sinclair Classroom Assistant
Mrs L Smyth Classroom Assistant
Mrs M Wasson Classroom Assistant
Mr D Wilders Technician