Information Relating to Transfer

Strabane Academy is a controlled Grammar School which is made up of pupils from all backgrounds, regardless of religion, race, or social status. We are proud of the high level of integration which is evident through the diversity of our pupils and seek to be inclusive in all of our activities. Our caring ethos, pastoral activities and induction programme provide excellent support and help lay the foundations for future success and happiness.

As an all ability school, we admit pupils who will achieve a very high level of academic success in GCSE’s and at A level and we also admit pupils whose talents are less academic and who will follow a more vocational pathway in their education. When compared to other Grammar Schools this makes us very unique and great care should therefore be taken when comparing like for like exam result.

Each year we are able to track how the pupils who sat the Transfer Test have performed in their GCSE’s and it is both pleasing and reassuring to note that each year their results have been above the Northern Ireland average for Grammar schools.

For a copy of these results please visit and click on the results tab.

To further the all ability, aim of the school and to ensure that each year group caters for students of all abilities including the most academically able, Strabane Academy will continue to use academic ability as a criterion for admission and we are both a member school and a centre for the Association for Quality Education (AQE).  Our classes are streamed initially according to this score and subsequently using other information received from our feeder Primary Schools.

In keeping with our school community which has been highlighted as one of eight Grammar schools with a naturally integrated mix of religions and cultures, we also accept scores from pupils who sit the GL Assessment, although we are not an exam centre for this test.

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This year’s dates are :

1st May 2019                      – AQE registration open

6th September 2019         – Closing date for AQE registration

24th October 2019         – Familiarisation evening

9th November 2019       – Assessment 1

23rd November 2019      – Assessment 2

30th November 2019       – Assessment 3

January 2020                   – Principal visits to primary schools

25th January 2020           – Publication of results

February/March 2020    – Completion of transfer forms

May 2020                          – Parents receive notification from the Education Authority of school child has been allocated to.