Religious Studies

Department Members:

Head of Department: Mrs H Phillips

Mrs O Crosbie

RE is about things that matter – things like life, purpose, worth, death, relationships, suffering, meaning and the person of Jesus. Religion affects us all; it has shaped our past, will continue to affect our future, and is key to helping young people understand their history, culture and values. RE in Strabane Academy exists to enhance the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development of the student in preparation for this life and the next.

The material we are required to cover can sometimes be of a sensitive nature. We fully support the role of parent in the education of young people. We encourage this valuable partnership that school and home can provide our young people as we lead them through some of the more sensitive material.

In Strabane Academy pupils have opportunity to study RE at 3 levels, key stage 3, GCSE and AS and A2 level.