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Junior Prize Giving 2017

4th Oct 2017

Following on from a very successful senior prize giving, junior pupils now had their turn to be rewarded for their hard work in the last academic year at their annual prize giving ceremony.  The Chairman of the Board of Governors Mr Mealiff welcomed all pupils, staff and parents, with a special word of welcome to the guest speaker Mr David Canning.  He thanked Mr Canning for his dedication to Strabane Academy in his role as Principal of Strabane primary school.  Mr Mealiff praised Mr Canning for the valuable care he gave to all children in his last 26 years as Principal and how his contribution to education in the Strabane area was valued by all he encountered.

Mr Canning fondly had a word to say to each of the prize winners as they collected their prize, personally knowing many by Christian name as past pupils of Strabane Primary School.  He imparted valuable words of wisdom to all pupils in his address relaying a much loved childhood story highlighting the need for hard work and determination to secure success in all aspects of their lives.

Principal Mr  Hampton thanked Mr Canning for his valuable advice as well as imparting thanks to the choir, and music department who put so much work into today and the junior prefects who were vital for the organisation of the day;  he also  thanked the two year 10 speakers, Ellie and Jamie who gave the Junior school report.

He gave heartfelt congratulations to all  Prize winners and stated that;

This afternoon is very much about you; the pupils, and also your parents and guardians, and of course the staff, and it is about recognising your achievements both in and out of the classroom.  It is very reassuring to see so many of you receiving awards from all of your hard work and especially to see last year’s Year 10’s returning to get their rewards.  All effort should be rewarded both in the classroom, on the sports pitch and also in the many clubs and societies that we run for the pupils and also it is pleasing to see so many involved outside of school.”

He went on to reflect how in Junior school; you need to build the firm foundations that will help you when the pressure of exams comes along later in KS4.

Mr Hampton took time to comment on the huge commitment of staff and to say a heartfelt thank you all of those who give up so much of their own time to work tirelessly on behalf of the students, to organise and take part in these activities and trips.

“Our pupils’ participation and success in all of our endeavours are only possible because of the commitment of my colleagues.  I would like to thank each and every staff member for the help and support that they provide to enable the pupils to succeed in life and; I would also like to thank our pupils for their good behaviour in representing the School wherever they travel.” 

In concluding his report, Principal Hampton took the opportunity to thank; his colleagues for the support that they provided him as their Principal, the parents for their invaluable help and continued support especially those in the Parents Teachers and Friends Association and the Board of Governors whose expertise provided sterling guidance in these challenging times in education.


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