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School remains open

13th Mar 2020


The Department of Health and Department of Education have not provided any new guidance for schools therefore Strabane Academy will be remaining open.

In the event that schools are closed we will communicate contingency plans to all parents via our website and social media pages.

CCEA have also informed school that we are to prepare our KS4&5 classes as normal for their upcoming exams.


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5 - 16th October 2020KS4/5 Tracking Window 1
26 - 30th October 2020Half Term- Halloween
2nd November 2020Staff Development Day
2nd November 2020Year 8 Parent Afternoon
9 - 20th November 2020KS3 Tracking Window 1
13th November 2020Staff Development Day
13th November 2020Year 9 Parent Afternoon
30th November - 11th December 2020KS4/5 Tracking Window 2
22nd December 2020 - 1st January 2021Christmas Holiday
22nd January 2021Staff Development Day
22 - 3rd January 2021Year 12 Parent Afternoon
27th January 2021Staff Development Day
27 - 3rd January 2021Year 10 Parent Morning
27 - 3rd January 2021Year 13/14 Parent Afternoon
1 - 10th February 2021KS3 Tracking Window 2
15th February 2021Staff Development Day
15 - 3rd February 2021Year 11 Parent Afternoon
16 - 19th February 2021Half Term- February
1 - 9th March 2021KS4/5 Tracking Window 3
17th March 2021Bank Holiday
29th March - 9th April 2021Easter Holiday
12 - 16th April 2021Year 12 & 14 only, tracking window 4
3rd May 2021Bank Holiday
24th May - 2nd June 2021KS3 Tracking Window 3
31 - 3rd May 2021Bank Holiday
30 - 3rd June 2021Last Day of Term

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