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Students demonstrate fantastic talents in “Search for a Star”

16th Nov 2016

Search for a Star at Strabane Academy has unearthed a phenomenal amount of talent within the school. Auditions started back in late September and students auditioned in their masses. The lucky fifteen were judged from a range of criteria including, talent ability, enthusiasm, stage presence and originality. Our guest judges, Andy Davidson of The Governors and Geraldine Cameron of The Cameron Girls were blown away with the professionalism and talent abilities of all those involved. This has given our pupils the opportunity to not only showcase themselves and their amazing abilities but also to grow personally. Of course, the show would not be complete without a special performance as the audience were caught in a time warp as staff took to the stage to dance the show to a close.


conor        sianna        daniel-adam-jack-2

Congratulations to Connor O’Neill Year 11 (Juggler), Sianna Lafferty Year 12 (Soloist) and We are Men Year 14 (Daniel, Adam and Jack) as they were crowned the winners across three performances! This was the perfect way to celebrate a new school year at Strabane Academy.

  1. Grace Hughes-                                                 Soloist- I can hear the bells from Hairspray
  2. Amanda and Megan-                                      Comedy Cousins and their Accordions
  3. Line Dancers-                                                   Line Dancing
  4. Scott Moore-                                                     Hip-hop- Lose Yourself
  5. Connect-                                                            Pop Band- Black Magic
  6. Drama Group                                                   Musical Theatre- Grease
  7. Alastair Anthony                                             Elvis Tribute-Hound Dog
  8. Kelsey Maxwell                                                Soloist- Thousand Years
  9. We are the boys kicking it in 82                   Boy Band-What makes you beautiful
  10. The Youngsters                                                Flute & drums-The Gambler
  11. Roisin Moore                                                    Soloist- XO
  12. Connor O’Neill                                                 Juggler
  13. Sianna Lafferty                                                Soloist- La vie en Rose
  14. We are Men                                                      Band- Blame it on me
  15. Edwina McAuley                                             Soloist- Somewhere from Westside Story


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