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Catering for a healthier lifestyle

The school encourages the development of healthier eating habits among our pupils and ensures that all foods provided are of a nutritional value.
All meats, including chicken are fresh and have a low fat content. They are prepared using healthy cooking methods – grilled, oven-baked or dry fried.
Each day a range of breads, fresh fruits and vegetables are available. A vegetarian main meal option is also available on a daily basis.
Fried and processed foods are limited to twice weekly, therefore ensuring a healthier way of eating.
No chocolate is allowed other than a low fat cocoa powder. All biscuits are plain and a fruit based dessert is available daily.
All allergens have been identified and further information is available from a member of the Catering Staff.
I hope your son/daughter enjoys the experience of dining with us.

Please feel free to speak with me if you have any special dietary requirement, problems or requests.
Mrs, Mandy Kelly.                                                  Mrs. Margaret Duncan.
Unit Catering Supervisor.                                     Unit Catering Supervisor,
Junior Campus.                                                       Senior Campus.
Tel: 71 884454                                                         Tel: 71 382733

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