Pastoral Care

Positive Behaviour Management

A detailed policy on school discipline and a set of school rules are available to parents on request from the Headmaster. A copy is included in the Student Planner for pupils and parents to see. Both schools have always enjoyed a high standard of discipline and the policy will be based on the following assumptions and principles:

Children and adults have a right to be respected.

Good discipline is best promoted by a curriculum and teaching methods which are appropriate to pupils’ needs.

Unacceptable behaviour can be changed.

The policy will be implemented by all staff and, if necessary, by a Vice Principal and Headmaster.

The schools are justly proud of the happy environment and the excellent relationships that exist among pupils and between staff and pupils. A STUDENT PLANNER helps pupils, parents and teachers to be better informed about daily progress and to make them aware of quality of work, punctuality, behaviour and other notable achievements/practices. By the end of a school year the Student Planner will hopefully contain records about which each pupil and parent will be justly proud. The planner is to be signed weekly by parents, pupils and Form Teachers.

To help fulfil the school aims all teachers will have responsibility for the pastoral care of pupils but in addition a Form Teacher will be given specific responsibility for the welfare of a class group. He/ she will liaise with parents, monitor academic progress, counsel pupils and deliver the Personal Development programme. Parents’ Evenings will be arranged so that teachers, parents and pupils can discuss progress. Parents may, at any mutually convenient time, make an appointment to talk to staff about any concerns they may have regarding their child. Pastoral staff will play a vital role in the partnership between parents, staff and pupils.

Counselling Provision

Currently all pupils have access to weekly counselling sessions which are provided by DENI.

Religious Studies

In Religious Studies pupils will have two periods a week in Years 8–10 and a GCSE course in Religious Studies will be taught in Years 11 and 12. An ’A’ level will be available in Years 13 and 14. Parents who do not wish their children to participate in Religious Studies classes, morning assemblies or special services should make such a request in writing to the Headmaster, who will make alternative arrangements for these pupils.

Child Protection*

The school shall refer any concerns about the well-being of its pupils to the Social Services Department to protect pupils in its care and to comply with the Department of Education (NI) regulations.  Pupils may speak to the Designated/Deputy Teacher for Child Protection.

Anti-Bullying Policy*

To make the school a safe environment in which everyone can feel safe, so that all pupils will be able to benefit from the opportunities available at the school.

Drug And Solvent Abuse*

Policy on Substance Misuse
The aims of the school as set out in the Prospectus and in the Staff Handbook will promote positive attitudes in the academic, social, physical, creative and pastoral experiences of the pupils. The school policy on Tobacco, Alcohol, Drug and Volatile Substances Misuse will revolve around prevention and response and springs from the pastoral dimension.

The school will aim to prevent the misuse of substances (illegal drugs, prescription drugs, volatile substances, alcohol and tobacco) through its school rules, smoking policy and drugs education programme. The school rules about substance misuse will be available to all pupils at all times, (e.g. in the Student Planner).

Each member of staff in this school will be aware of the problems, signs and symptoms of drug and solvent abuse and will have a responsibility to adhere to and promote this Policy. Opportunities will be created to regularly update staff in the battle against drug abuse.  Parents will be provided with relevant literature from time to time.

* Full copies of policies on Anti-bullying, Child Protection, Special Needs, Charging, Discipline and Substance Misuse are available from the school office