Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to Strabane Academy

Thank you for taking the time to view our website. Within these pages we have tried to capture something of the spirit of school life and convey the sense of pride we feel in being part of this community.

We are very much a part of this community, a small school, with a great family spirit which is committed to equality of opportunity.   The values of the school reflect and are informed by the Christian faith  and we welcome all children regardless of religion, race, or social background.  We are proud of the diversity of our pupils whether from the town itself, our local villages or indeed further afield from our rural areas and we seek to be inclusive in all our activities. Our caring ethos, pastoral activities and induction programme provide excellent support and help lay the foundations for future success and happiness.

At Strabane Academy we emphasis individual fulfilment and the pursuit of excellence.  The school demands high standards of work and conduct and whilst the focus is on academic excellence, we believe in a growth mind-set which believes that pupils most basic abilities can be developed through perseverance and hard work.  Ability and talent are just the starting point and we believe that the pupils need to be working consistently and with determination in order develop.   This outlook helps to create a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for them to realise their full potential  later in life.

The quality of the teaching and learning lies at the heart of every successful school and within Strabane Academy we have a team of highly motivated, caring and professional staff, both teaching and non-teaching, dedicated to making education enjoyable and whilst ensuring that the pupils are challenged also ensuring that they are respected and valued within a safe and caring learning environment.

The pupils have access to a wide combination of academic and vocational courses. On entry to year 8, they are streamed into classes according to ability using the Transfer Test scores and also the standardised scores which we receive from our feeder Primary Schools.   The strength of this is the continuity of a very strong academic stream whilst having the ability to cater for the needs of those children who, for whatever reason, did not sit the entrance exam or who did not gain access to the academic stream but who we believe, will flourish later in their development having been given the time to thrive.

There is a strong, clearly structured pastoral system that guarantees dignity and respect, which can identify problems early and respond quickly to them. This underpins the strong ethos of achievement for all pupils equipping them with the necessary skills to prepare them for their future role in society.

Until completion of our new school build on the Derry Road, we will continue to operate a Junior campus on the Derry Road and Senior campus on the Liskey Road. With a maximum number of 350 pupils on either campus, the pupils benefit from all of the advantages of a small close-knit community and yet have access to a curriculum that has a broad range of subjects to meet all of their needs.

I very warmly invite you to come and visit either of our campuses and experience for yourself the warmth, energy and caring ethos that exists here. If you have any questions or queries about the education we provide at Strabane Academy, I hope you will contact me and I shall be happy to speak with you.

Yours sincerely

Mr David Hampton