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Admissions Criteria for Entry to Sixth Form

Strabane Academy



Admissions Criteria for Entry to Sixth Form – 2018


At Strabane Academy we expect that all students applying for admission to Sixth Form will meet the admissions criteria below which will be applied, on behalf of the Board of Governors, by the Principal in conjunction with the Senior Leadership Team.


Entry to Year 13:

Academic Criteria

  1. Students wishing to take 3 AS subjects should have a minimum of 5 GCSE passes A* to C (at least one of which must be in English or Maths*).
  2. Students wishing to take 4 AS subjects should have a minimum of 7 GCSE passes A* to C (including English and Maths).
  3. For all General A Level subjects, students will be expected to have attained a Grade B or above at GCSE in the chosen subjects, or in related subjects if there is not a GCSE equivalent.
  4. For Applied AS Subjects students must have a minimum of 5 C Grades at GCSE and some subjects may require the minimum of a Grade B to study the subject at AS Level.
  5. If entry to Year 13 is oversubscribed students with the highest GCSE score will be considered in descending order – an applicant’s GCSE score being calculated on the basis of GCSE results as follows:

A* – 4 points / A – 3 points / B – 2 points / C – 1 point

  1. Students wishing to study AS Physics, Chemistry or Biology should have completed either the GCSE Triple Award with minimum grade B for that subject or the GCSE Double Award with the minimum grades BB. Students must also have achieved a minimum of grade B in their Double Award Science Unit 2.

            * Students who have not gained a Grade C in English or Maths are required to attend compulsory GCSE classes. This    may be scheduled outside normal school hours.

Attendance Criteria

  1. All students wishing to enter Sixth Form should have a minimum attendance rate of 90% and a good punctuality record. Students whose attendance rate falls below this level must produce medical evidence/special circumstances to explain their absences.

Behaviour Criteria

  1. Students wishing to enter Year 13 must have a good behaviour record and should have demonstrated a positive attitude to work. External applicants will be expected to provide their last school report and/or a letter of recommendation from their previous school.


  1. Students wishing to enter Year 13 should be prepared to make a commitment to participate fully in the daily running of the school.
  2. Students must sign and agree to the conditions as outlined in the Sixth Form Agreement.
  3. Students with an exceptional circumstance may apply to the Board of Governors for this to be considered.

External Student Applications:

Strabane Academy welcomes applications for entry into Sixth Form from students from other schools if:

  1. They are able to fulfil the admissions criteria;
  2. Appropriate places are available within the school’s admission numbers and/or places are available in AS subject choices.


Entry to Year 14:

Results in AS examinations are important indicators of success at A2 level. Progression into

Upper Sixth remains at the discretion of the school and will be reviewed once the AS results are published using the following scoring system:

A – 60 points / B – 50 points / C – 40 points / D – 30 points – E – 20 points / U – 0


Pupils who achieve a total score of 120 points or less will be reviewed. Their return to study at A2 level will not be guaranteed until a meeting takes place with the Principal, Vice Principal or a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Pupils must be accompanied by a parent/guardian in order to review progression into Upper Sixth. The purpose of this meeting is to determine the best way forward for the pupil. Some of the following strategies may be implemented:

  • A discussion with parents about the best way forward;
  • Regular meetings with a teacher mentor to discuss progress, analyse tracking scores and targets will be arranged;
  • A decision to leave Strabane Academy and pursue an alternative course of study.


If performance in one or more AS Level has been poor, pupils must consult with subject

teachers about the feasibility of studying the same subject(s) at A2 level. In some cases, if an AS Level subject is passed at grade D or E, pupils may be advised not to continue with that subject at A2.


A pupil’s attitude and commitment to his/her school studies and to the school community (high levels of attendance and punctuality form part of a student’s commitment to his/her work) will also be considered for entry to Upper Sixth.







General Applied
Chemistry Art & Design
English Literature Business Studies
#French #Drama & Theatre Studies
Geography Health & Social Care
Information Technology
German Digital Technology
#Government & Politics #Moving Image Art
History #Music
Mathematics PE
Physics Technology & Design
Religious Studies *Agriculture and Rural Studies
*Applied Science, Medical Science & Forensic Science
*Children’s Care & Learning Development
*Computer Games
*Engineering – Mechanical/Electrical
*Media Production
*Travel & Tourism



  • *You will only be able to choose one of these (at South West College – Omagh)
  • #Delivered at Holy Cross College


A General qualification is one where knowledge, understanding and skills are developed within a subject context.


The assessment arrangements are designed to enable learners to demonstrate the level of their knowledge, understanding and skills mainly thorough written tasks.


An Applied qualification is one where the knowledge, understanding and skills can be developed through practical demonstration and/or within a context related to employability.


The assessment arrangements are designed to enable learners to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and skills through practical demonstration and/or within a context related to employability.