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Lateral Flow Testing For All Post Primary Pupils

10th Jun 2021

The minister has announced that Lateral Flow Testing kits should be made available now to all pupils in post primary schools. 

Parents will receive a text today from the school to inform them of this and to gain consent. 

Students should watch the link below, this will be shown in form class tomorrow:

https://sway.office.com/whz8dJ46JpeKLcIV?ref=Link  (right click on this to open)

The video at the end should be played as it demonstrates how to carry out the lateral flow test. (video lasts approximately 7 minutes). 

Students should know the following information:

  • You should undertake your test at home
  • You should follow the instructions inside your kit and rewatch the video if need be
  • There are 7 tests in the kit.  Pupils should use two tests per week choosing the same days each week to self-test.  It is probably advisable to do your first one on Sunday before returning to school on Monday and then towards the end of the week again.
  • If pupils are unfortunate to test positive,  they and their household bubble must immediately self-isolate, inform the school and take a confirmatory PCR test.  If the PCR test is negative they should return to school.  If the PCR test is positive they should continue to self-isolate and the school will follow the confirmed case protocol for Covid 19.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.


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